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Leisure Pass Group- A new journey

For over 20 years, the Leisure Pass Group has shaped the future of the multi-attraction pass industry by enabling online pre-purchase of attractions, tours, and activities. Sightseers love the budget certainty, greater choice, on-the-ground flexibility and overall value our multi-attraction passes deliver. The growing company decided they would expand their office space within their current building and take another floor.

The project was planned in two phases, the first consisted of fitting out the upper floor with meeting rooms and large open-plan space which allowed the company to remain operational whilst we worked on their current existing floor. We then created a flexible tea point area, boardroom and meeting room spaces with an updated reception area which matched this modern and forward-thinking company.

We made the best use of available space with small breakout areas within the open plan to create “the water cooler” moments and subsequently frees up meeting room space. In the open plan the client wanted to promote a healthy working environment, so we used sit stand desks to promote movement throughout the day. Working closely with the client allowed us to gain and insight into their specific needs, visiting various showrooms allowed us to understand the clients aesthetical and functions needs.